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 AV2021 CPD Reflections (session templates)


In line with the Optometry Board of Australia’s registration standard change, all Australian registered practising optometrists must now keep a CPD Portfolio.

This requires you to plan and record your learning goals, as well as record a reflection on how they affect your practice.

To make completing this simple, you can download the reflections templates to record your reflections for each session you attended (both live and on-demand) at AVC 2021.

How you maintain a record of your CPD reflections is up to you.

You can simply keep a copy of the document on file and this will satisfy the OBA requirements for your CPD records. Alternatively, you can enter them into your online CPD Learning Plan. 

Questions to help you reflect on each of the sessions

  • What did I learn from the CPD activity?

  • Did what I learned meet my learning goals?

  • Has what I learned improved my competence and kept me up to date or built on my knowledge? How?

  • Does what I learned suggest that I could change my practice to improve patient outcomes? How? If not, why?

  • How could/should I change my practice to improve patient outcomes?

  • What do I need to do to implement change in my practice?

  • Do I need to do any further learning to ensure that I am competent and up to date?

IMPORTANT: The templates are provided as Word Document that will download to your device / desktop when you click the button above.

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