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What is Smart Eye Start?

The Smart Eye Start initiative encourages all parents to take their children to have a full eye examination at an optometry practice prior to Prep and entering Year 7 (high school). This ensures students best chance at reaching their full potential.

Hundreds of optometrists, schools and kindergartens have already signed on to promote and advertise the initiative. 


How does it work?

A Smart Eye Start form will be included in all school enrolment packs by participating institutions. OQNT will list the participating optometrists on the forms that will be circulating - noting whether bulk billing is available. 


Promotional materials will be advertised by the supporting kindergartens and schools. 

Why be involved?


Early intervention can mean identifying serious vision problems and rectifying them before it starts to affect your child’s learning.

Children’s vision is important for their educational, physical and social development. Especially as children learn more from vision than all other senses combined.

Good vision ensures better learning outcomes.

Our aim is to get the whole family involved! Take this opportunity to book in Mum, Dad & the kids. Our early feedback indicates that other family members are overdue their regular optometrist visits. 

How do I become a Smart Eye Start parent?

OQNT is calling on all parents to take their child to have a full eye examination at an optometry practice before they start school (prior to starting Prep and then again before commencing Year 7 at high school). This will help to ensure they are ready for their best start to what will be the foundation to their education. We have readily available contact details on a range of optometrists in your local area who provide professional, comprehensive eye exams. Bulk billing practices are available.



The Smart Eye Start initiative aims to encourage the patient/ optometrist relationship earlier ensuring eye conditions are addressed sooner for children.

OQNT hope to get the whole family involved! Start Eye Start should act as a prompt to all family members to book in and have their regular eye exams. 

How do I become a Smart Eye Start optometrist?

All OQNT member optometrists and their subsequent practices are invited to join the Smart Eye Start Initiative by completing the form here or contacting us



​As a Smart Eye Start School or Kindergarten your role is key to advocating and promoting the initiative to ensure the perfect start to a child’s education.

Smart Eye Start has now been extended to include students entering year 7, high school. Join the hundreds of kindies, pre-schools, pre-prep and high schools who have already signed on and are supporting the initiative, with further signing on each day.

How do I become a Smart Eye Start school or kindergarten?

Sign up here to become a Smart Eye Start school or kindergarten and receive a digital media kit including various promotional materials such as website banners, posters, social media posts and flyers. 

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