An Optometry

Queensland and

Northern Territory


Early detection is key

Approximately 1 in 5 Australian children suffer from an undetected vision problem. Early intervention can mean identifying serious vision problems and rectifying them before it affects their learning.

A child's vision

It is pivotal to their educational, physical and social development. Good vision ensures better learning outcomes.

Schools & kindergartens

Hundreds of Queensland and Northern Territory schools and kindergartens are supporting and promoting the initiative with further signing on each day.

Our trusted optometrists

We have readily available contact details on a range of optometrists in your local area who provide professional, comprehensive eye exams. Bulk billing practices are available. Book an appointment today!

"As the peak body of the optometry profession, we recommend that all children have a full eye examination at an optometry practice before starting school."

- Cathryn Baker, CEO OQNT

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