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This year's AVC continues to attract world class speakers who will deliver a range of informative and educational lectures and workshops to assist you in advancing your practice, therapeutic, clinical and equipment knowledge. 

Dr Nick Andrew_Photo_AVC_2021 800x800.jpg

Dr Nick Andrew

Dr Adrian Bell_Photo AVC_2022 800x800_.png

Adrian Bell

Dr Simon Chen_Photo _AVC_2022 800x800.png

Dr Simon Chen

Mark Chiang_Photo_AVC2022.jpg

Dr Mark Chiang

Dr David Gunn_Photo_AVC_2022 800x800_.jpg

Dr David Gunn

Emily Henry_Image_edited.jpg

Emily Henry

Kate Hogden_Photo_edited.jpg

Dr Kate Hogden

Optilight Headshot cropped 2.jpeg

Dr John Hogden 


 Jason Holland

Dr Shelly Hopkins_Photo_AVC  2022 800x800_edited.jpg

Dr Shelley Hopkins

Inez Hsing_photo_AVC2022 800x800.jpg

Inez Hsing

Rohan Hughes.jpg

Dr Rohan Hughes

Photo-Dr Tony (Anthony) Kwan_edited.jpg

A/Prof. Anthony Kwan

Lily Luong_ Photo _AVC_2022 800x800.png

Lily Luong

Lindsay-Web-2 - Lindsay McGrath.jpg

Dr Lindsay McGrath

Kylie McNeill Pic.jpg

Kylie McNeill


Marissa Megaloconomos

Dr Mark Paine_Photo_AVC2022 800x800.png

Dr Mark Paine

Dr Richa Sharma_Photo_AVC 2022 800x800.png

Dr Richa Sharma

AProfessor Abhishek Sharma_AVC2022_Photo800x800_.png

A/Prof. Abhishek Sharma

Dr Tai Smith_edited.jpg

Dr Tai Smith


Professor Fiona Stapleton

David Stephensen Photo _AVC_2022_800x800.png

David Stephensen

MelindaToomey_Speaker AVC 2022.jpg

Melinda Toomey

Anne Webber.jpg

 A/Prof.  Ann Webber 

Dr Nathan Walker_Photo.jpg

Dr Nathan Walker

Dr-Sunil-Warrier_From Web_edited.jpg

Dr Sunil Warrier 

Professor Joanne Wood_Photo_AVC 2022.JPG

Professor Joanne Wood

Ma Chong_Headshot_300 x 300.png

Mae FA Chong 

Dr Dietmar Uttenweiler .JPG

Dr Dietmar Uttenweiler

Elspeth Wrigley_Photo AVC 2022.jpg

Elspeth Wrigley  

Dr Nick Toalster.jpg

Dr Nick Toalster

Dr Philip Cheng.jpg

Dr Philip Cheng

Susan Gaskell.jpg

Susan Gaskell

Monica Lette_edited.jpg

Monica Lette

Simon Allen.jpg

Simon Allen

Thao Hannaford_Photo_edited.jpg
Dr Sean Cheng_edited.jpg
Head shot.jpeg

Nadia Michaels

Thao Hannaford 

Dr Sean Cheng

Dr Warren Apel

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